Laptop on Rent

Laptop Rental can help you gain your business goals and get your business online in a very short period of time. IT CARE provides Laptops for Hire of different brands, be it Dell, HP, Asus, Apple, Lenovo and many more. We offer a wide range of power packed Laptops on Rent, ranging from Dual Core processor to the fastest i9 Processor configuration to satisfy all your Laptop Rental Requirements.


  • Portability: Laptops are Portable, so you can carry them anywhere you want and Work Remotely.
  • No Maintenance Costs: By taking a Laptop on Rent from us you can focus completely on your business growth and leave its Service & Maintenance to us.
  • Laptop in Bulk Quantity: Laptop rentals are readily available in large quantities for training classes, online examinations and other corporate events.
  • Best Services Guaranteed: We are a customer centric company which is prompt in providing Services and Support.
Computer on Rent
Computers offer great performance and speed for all types of your important projects. IT CARE has been providing Computer on Rent, since the company’s inception. Our policy is to provide the best quality Desktop on Rental and Customize them as per your specifications, ranging from C2D, to the fastest Core i9 processor of various generations. Let IT CARE assemble the best Desktop for all your Rental Requirements.


  • Rent for your Various Requirements: You can take a Desktop on Rent for Training purposes, and other Corporate Events.
  • No Minimum Requirements: You can Rent a Desktop for your Daily / Weekly / Monthly & Yearly Rental Requirements.
  • No Maintenance Costs: By taking a Computer on Rent you can focus completely on your business growth and leave its Service & Maintenance to us.
  • Best Services Guaranteed: We are a customer centric company which is prompt in providing Services and Support.
Printer & Scanner on Rent
Boost Productivity with our Selection of Scanner & Printer Rentals. There are many times where your business needs to Rent a Scanner or Printer for short-term or long-term use, including for temporary print-intensive projects, conferences, temporary office setups and more. IT CARE is a Total Technology Rental provider, which means that we have every type of printer available and in-stock ready for you to Rent.


  • Customized Rental Plans: Our Printers & Scanners Rental Plans are Configured to Meet Your Specific Needs.
  • Wide Range of Printers & Scanners: We have Rental Printers from basic Inkjet Printers to High Capacity, High-Resolution Color Printers to MFP Printers.
  • Complete Printing Solution: Indian Renters can provide a complete printing rental solution that includes AirPrint, Android, and Wi-Fi enabled Printers.
  • Available in Bulk Quantity: We stock a large volume and variety of printers and scanners for hire.
Server on Rent
We have a wide range of servers on Rent such as 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U of various series and generations. Server Customisation available as per your needs, with latest hardware at the lowest possible Rental Prices. IT CARE Provide Servers on Rental Basis for applications such as centralized file storage, file sharing across a Local Network, Web Server, Website Hosting, Cloud Computing etc.


  • Customized Rental Server: Our technicians will configure the server to meet your exact needs.
  • High Quality Server: We only use the latest and highest quality hardware and deliver only after double checking everything.
  • Upgrade Anytime: Upgrade the server configurations easily at any time to meet your growing business needs.
  • No Maintenance Costs: By taking a Server on Rent from us you can focus completely on your business growth and leave its Service & Maintenance to us.
UPS on Rent
High quality UPS is an important requirement for any IT setup. System downtime is a costly situation that can affect everyone. If you are in need of a reliable power source, leave it on us to handle everything. Our Technical team for UPS Rental can help you determine the best Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) Hire option as per your specific needs. UPS Rental Services can prove to be a huge cost saving for your Business establishments. We provide only the best quality UPS on Rent in order to provide a flawless superior category of Online UPS Rental Services.


  • Cost Effective: Rental UPS is very cost effective, you can save on huge project costs.
  • Power Stability: Provides stable power continuously and saves all your expensive equipment from Power Surges.
  • No Minimum Requirements: Online UPS available from 1KVA to 60 KVA on rent for short & long term.
  • No Maintenance Cost: UPS Rental helps you save on maintenance & Servicing cost.
  • Customizable: Special customization facility available for your specific needs.
  • No Power Cuts: Battery life is always ON, due to immediate replacement facility.
Storage on Rent
We offer the latest range of Storage devices such NAS Rental (Network Attached Storage). Move your data easily with short-term rental plans. Save your business’s important data by taking regular backups. High performance Storage devices are available on rent for companies who need to ensure their work is backed-up 24/7. We provide reliable and matchless rental support all over India for all kinds of storage device hire services.


  • Affordability: We have Best Rental Plans available for all your needs with large storage capacity.
  • Keep your Data Safe: A safe way to back up your data 24/7. Backup multiple computers within your network automatically.
  • Saves your Capital: No need to block your money in buying backup spaces when storage device rental is available so easily.
DSLR Camera on Rent
DSLR Camera on Rent is a Rental Programme by to support all the budding and amateur Photographers. We have a full range of Still and Motion Cameras (including Lenses & Accessories), Lighting, and Grip Equipment on Rent. IT CARE is a one-stop destination for all sorts of Photo-Shoots. We have the most comprehensive list of DSLR Cameras, Lenses, Flash Lights and Other Photography Equipment at Affordable Rental Rates.


  • Cost Saving: Are you a professional photographer? Or an amateur? Why block your capital or savings in buying a camera, when you can Rent it. We have flexible Rental Plans to fit your budget.
  • Short term Needs: You can easily take a DSLR camera on Rent and cater your temporary requirement. Rent DSLR cameras for any event such as weddings, photoshoot, parties or photography courses etc. coming up without worrying to purchase it.
  • Easy Upgrade: With every passing day, a new technology comes, and before you know it the latest gear you owned is now outdated. Keep yourself updated with all new gears and upgrade it without any hassle through our Rental DSLR Camera plans.
CCTV on Rent
A CCTV is one of the most widely accepted Security Devices that Records all the activities wherever it is installed. These can be installed easily and you can access the videos on your Mobile Devices sitting anywhere in the World. IT CARE provides a wide range of CCTV Camera on Rental Basis all over India. These can be Installed at Houses, Offices, Entrances, Schools, Colleges and other such places.


  • Security: It is one of the most essential Security Equipment. Just get it Installed and it Records Everything that happens in it’s view.
  • Short Term Requirements: If you have a Temporary or Short-Term Requirement you can Rent it.
  • Rental Rates: We provide the best Rental Quotation for your Requirement.
Note Counting Machine on Rent
Fake Currency and Improper Cash Handling are Every Cash Counter’s Problem. Improve your Productivity by using our Note Counting Machine on Rent which detects Fake Note, Half Note and Double Note. It has a LED Display and a Counter Display with Other Advanced Features. Along with Other Office Equipment on Rent and Various IT / AV Equipment Rentals you can Rent these Small Devices like Note Counting Machine from us Across India.


  • Kavinstar Value Master
  • Counting Speed 1000 Currency Notes Per Min
  • Automatic Fake Detecting with UV, MG, MT & IR
  • Front Big LCD Screen Display Plus Additional Screen
  • Detects Both Old and New Currency Notes
  • Detects Chained Notes, Half-Notes, Double Notes, etc
  • Counts & Totals Mixed Notes as well
  • Most advanced Note Counting Machine


  • Short Term Rentals: Renting out Currency Counting Machine is Best Suited if you need it only for a Small Duration. We Rent everything on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly basis as per your needs.
  • Improves Business Efficiency: A Note Counting Machine improves your Speed and Accuracy of Cash Transactions hence improving your efficiency and safeguarding against unnecessary Monetary Loss. So Rent High Quality Note Counting Machines.
  • Possible Uses: Events, Exhibition Stalls, Temporary Office Requirements, POS Points, Jewelry Showrooms, Retailers etc.
Barcode Printer on Rent
Barcodes are still the Best Solution to tagging virtually Anything. With Barcode Printer on Rent you can print a wide variety of Labels for Inventory Management, Storing Data on the Product like Expiry, cost etc., Visitor Tracking, Visiting Cards etc. We offer Barcode Printer Rental Services to make Labeling Solution accessible for Companies of all Sizes. Barcode Printer Rental for all your Short & Long term needs and for Work Requirements of varied Industries, Projects and Events.


  • Large Quantity: Whether you require just one Printer on Rent or you need Barcode Printer on Rent in Bulk Quantity, we will design the best Rental Solution for all your Specific Label Printing Needs. Rental is the best and cheapest alternative to straight forward Buying of such Limited Usage Products.
  • No Minimum Commitment: Our Barcode Printer Rental Plans comes with No Minimum Commitment that means you pay only for the Exact Duration that you need the Products.
  • Service Guarantee: All our Rentals Plans including Barcode Printer Rental are inclusive of our Support and Service. We provide On-Site Support with Rental Plans all over India.
  • Barcode Printer – Scanner Rental Combo: Barcode Scanner and Barcode Printers go Hand in Hand. Also, at times you need other IT Infrastructure, Mobile Phones or Tablets along with it to create a complete Solution for your Needs. We provide all these products on Rent, so that You can rent the Complete Solution from One Place.
WiFi Router on Rent
Organizing important meetings or conferences outside your premises and looking for Wi-Fi Device on Rent. IT CARE is your solution. We have the latest WiFi Router on Rent and (WAP) Wireless Access Point on Rent. A wireless router is a networking device that connects computers to the internet. With a router you can share an internet connection between multiple computers on the network. A wireless access point (WAP) is a networking device that allows wireless-equipped computers and other devices to communicate with a wired network. A WAP may also be used to expand the range of an existing wireless network. You may need internet access for a small group, or a complete Event / Conference Hall. Here at IT CARE, we offer Wi-Fi router rentals on a weekly and monthly basis for your Wi-Fi connectivity needs! We have a wide range of Routers on rent in addition to other Computer Peripheral Rentals.


  • Temporary Requirement: Rent a Wifi Router for your Temporary Requirements.
  • Portability: If you have a moving job and need Internet Connection for your devices, the router is so compact that you can carry it anywhere you want, and work.
  • Various Requirements: It is an Ideal Solution for making a secure Internet Connection at Trainings, Events or Seminars.
Network Switches on Rent
In addition to other IT Peripherals, we also provide Network Switches on Rent. A network switch is also called a switching hub. Or a bridging hub. Also, officially called the MAC bridge. It is a networking hardware. Switch connects multiple devices on a computer network. Any network consists of several users. Users need to access a single point or each other simultaneously. We provide Managed / Unmanaged Switches on Rent. KVM Switches on Rent. Network Switches on Rent. And Multi-Layer Switches on rent. We Rent out switches for Events, Seminars, Office Setup etc. All our rental plans are configured exactly as per your requirements. We provide rental Services all over India.


  • Temporary Requirement: If you require Network Switches for temporary uses you can Rent it instead of buying.
  • Rental Rates: IT CARE provides the best customized Rental Quotations according to your requirements.
  • Product Quality: We are known for the quality of our Products and prompt services.